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Dear customer, by placing an order on this site you agree on the “Terms and Conditions” stated in this section.
If you have not agreed yet, then you will need to do so at the time of check out as part of our policy.

We are able to ship anywhere within the US, we encourage our international customers to inform themselves
with special documentation or regulations for certain products that may be restricted or required a special
permit in their countries before placing an order. For international orders quote please contact our Sales Team

Our company gets informed by our common carriers on restricted goods, but each country is different and we
are not able take responsibility for items held at customs or returned for being banned/restricted in that

All of our orders are shipped out of our Distribution Center located in Miami, FL, Zip Code 33186 or Doral,
FL, Zip Code 33122 (only Wholesale) therefore your packages will show this information on the sender

In our site you will find different products category and most of them are sensitive to heat, to the way they are
handled and most important to the time during transit. Our orders are shipped in special insulated boxes/liners
for perishable items, this to keep the freshness of the product by assuring they are being transported at a proper
temperature during transit, which could take in most cases 2 to 3 days for US customers. Besides shipping in
special boxes/liners, and depending on the item we are shipping, we also add refrigerated foams or gel packs to
maintain goods in perfect conditions. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

When ordering Perishable items, such as our Cheeses, we add an extra charge to each order to cover the
special packaging of this product, and is the only way we guarantee the products condition until the time it
arrives to destination, while product is shipped within the USA. For overseas customers ordering this product
we would need to calculate this cost after a shipping address is provided in order to determine how much
protection we need to add to the packaging.

We will always recommend the fastest carrier when ordering Cheeses, specially our frozen products, where we
will always recommend a Next Day Shipment to guarantee its freshness, and avoid using Shipping Options
with over 2 Days transit for Frozen Products and over 3 days transit for Cheeses and other Refrigerated items
(Non Refrigerated Goods service), since time frames are not guaranteed, this is to ensure a faster delivery and
avoid having the product expose to the changes of temperature and spoil it. Please keep in mind how sensitive
is the product you are ordering, however, this decision/choice is yours and we will proceed as demanded in
majority of the cases, however LATIN CANDY INC the right to decide what is best for your order regardless
the option chosen by the customer, nevertheless we will make every attempt to keep the shipping method
selected by the customer, we will also reserve the right to change such method in the event of having orders
placed late that week, carriers schedule/pick up times and other circumstances.

We avoid shipping packages on Thursdays or Fridays this way we don’t have weekends interruptions. We
will notify our customers once orders are shipped, providing them with a tracking number to follow your
product in every stage. If orders are received late on the week we will move the shipping to the following
Monday. If your order is received on a Wednesday and taking into consideration that we need at least 24-48
hours to prepare your package since orders are processed in the way they are received, your order will be
shipped the following Monday to avoid weekends interruptions.

Refrigerated o Frozen

Shipping: Refrigerated/frozen products are only shipped from Monday through Wednesday to avoid weekend’s interruptions. Please make sure to place your orders with time to avoid waiting longer to receive it. This is with the purpose to ensure product quality and freshness.

Envios:  Productos refrigerados/congelados son enviados solo de Lunes a Miercoles para evitar las interrupciones del fin de semana. Por favor asegurese de realizar sus pedidos con tiempo para evitar esperar mas tiempo en recibirla. Esto es con el proposito de asegurar la calidad y frescura del producto.